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A Disney World Magic Theme Parks and Resort enthusiast! 

I am passionate about the whole experience Disney world Florida has to offer, and especially those who live with chronic illnesses or have family members with disabilities!  I understand the struggles. 

And packing is one of the struggles people experience, today I will alleviate your stress of getting ready for your vacation, with the free Magic Theme Parks Packing List!

A Disney World Magic Theme Parks enthusiast! 

I have a wealth of personal knowledge regarding Disney World Florida adventures, since I have been visiting for over 35 years.  I have gone to Disney with and without a chronic illness, and am thrilled to say Disney is an excellent place to experience happiness and enjoyment living both ways! Disney is a place that all ages can find something they enjoy together!

The stress free experience Disney World Florida offers you, both at the parks and resorts, is why people are attracted to Disney and keep coming back!  

You can have your mickey ice cream bar and eat it too!  

Take the time to enjoy the magical moments!


Picture credits: Pexels